Violet Chachki Is 'The Perfect Girl' in Mareux's New Visual

Violet Chachki Is 'The Perfect Girl' in Mareux's New Visual

by Kenna McCafferty

Violet Chachki is the ultimate vintage vamp in Mareux's "The Perfect Girl" music video, out today.

Stepping into the first shot in blue leather, The Cure’s 1987 song of the same name swells as Chachki's stilettos ascend a dimly lit staircase. She opens an eerie apartment with "The Perfect Girl" spelled out across its front door. Inside, leather-clad daddies lounge, cruise and work out on stationary bikes under green lighting. Unfazed by the surreal scene, Chachki struts through and sheds her jacket to reveal that iconic cinched silhouette.

Reminiscent of her days on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the Season 7 winner then lip-synchs and stares into her reflection, as we’ve seen her do countless times in Untucked. While "The Perfect Girl" unfolds, her performance refracts across mirrors throughout the apartment under rolling glimmers of light. The scene becomes increasingly strange and it's unclear whether this is reality or a dream made in Chachki's own image.

Behind the Scenes

The video was produced and directed by Muted Widows, a film and photography agency known for their otherworldly imaginations. "Muted Widows were able to capture the song’s vibe by casting a contemporary megastar like Violet and placing her against an unnerving mid-century backdrop," Mareux says, adding that it "parallels the dark yet dreamy and alluring nature of the song."

The electronic artist (real name: Aryan Ashtiani) reimagined The Cure’s original track, "The Perfect Girl," which took off in the Eastern Europe darkwave scene and has experienced a revival spurred by Mareux and the nostalgia-melting-pot of TikTok. The sound itself has garnered 2.3 billion views across half a million TikToks and even inspired a Euphoria-themed trend earlier this year.

“The goal with 'The Perfect Girl' and really all my music was to produce something timeless, between the romantic lyrics of [The Cure's] Robert Smith, the catchy melody and the danceable tempo," Mareux continues. "I think I’ve made something that will hopefully resonate for decades to come."

Watch the PAPER premiere of Mareux's "The Perfect Girl" and stream the single, below.

Photos courtesy of Mareux