Violet Chachki Channels Marc Almond in Soft Cell's 'Light Sleepers' Video

Violet Chachki Channels Marc Almond in Soft Cell's 'Light Sleepers' Video

Earlier this year, pop duo Soft Cell released Happiness Not Included, their first full-length project in 20 years.

The nearly hour-long LP brings vocalist Marc Almond and instrumentalist Dave Ball back to their synthy roots, with Ball producing the album in full, too. More than four decades into their careers, Almond and Ball have managed to fit their ‘80s electronic sensibilities into a contemporary framework.

Today the duo is releasing a video for “Light Sleepers,” directed by Charlie Ann Max and featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race darling Violet Chachki. The film-grain video, which calls upon Soft Cell’s aesthetic roots, stars Chachki as a young Marc Almond, focusing on the process of Almond’s youthful self-acceptance. Ann Max oscillates between motifs of lightness and darkness to display the tumultuous nature of coming to understand one’s place in the world.

The “Light Sleepers” video isn’t just about figuring out who you are — it’s about finding “the most fulfilled version of ourselves,” Ann Max explains. She adds that we must have “love and compassion for all parts of ourselves, even our ‘shadows.’” “Light Sleepers” scrutinizes the notion that the darker parts of ourselves must be cast aside in order to be at our best.

Check out the PAPER premiere of Soft Cell’s official music video for “Light Sleepers” below.

Photos courtesy of Brooke Ashley Barone