Violet Chachki Announces Debut Solo Show 'A Lot More Me'

Violet Chachki Announces Debut Solo Show 'A Lot More Me'

Fashion icon and Drag Race winner Violet Chachki is officially debuting her first solo show, "A Lot More Me," in Europe this fall.

Starting in September, Chachki — who's known for her inventive blend of drag, fashion, and burlesque — will finally be able to show us her unfettered fantasy vision. And if the announcement teaser is any indication of the aesthetic she's going for, it's full psychic showgirl looks meets old-school circus vibes — with a haute couture twist, of course.

Not only that, but according to the press release, fans can expect a bunch of new musical material, including a much-hyped "disco moment."

"'A Lot More Me' is exactly that. It's not like any ensemble cast that I've been in before. This show is 100 percent me, my vision, and my creative direction," Chachki said. "I'm putting on my big girl panties and stepping up to the plate; owning my star power and growing up as a performer."

Watch the stunning teaser for "A Lot More Me," below.

Tickets for "A Lot More Me" go on sale July 12, here.

Photo courtesy of Violet Chachki