Viktor & Rolf Make a 'Statement' with Their Most Instagrammable Collection Yet

Viktor & Rolf Make a 'Statement' with Their Most Instagrammable Collection Yet

The landscape of fashion is changing. The streetwear aesthetic dominated the catwalks of Paris during last week's Men's shows, underscoring the ongoing convergence between the prestige of couture and the semi-accessible clout economy of ready-to-wear. There are many factors that have lead to this growing tide but, as the Fyre Festival documentaries have taught us, it is the rise of the influencer that has shifted the paradigm towards a socially marketable design mentality. It is no longer enough for a garment just to look pretty walking down a runway, it has to pop on your Instagram feed too - a #wowfactor if you will.

Many designers have chosen to go about this in different ways but it is Dutch design duo, Viktor & Rolf, that have easily won the "Most Instagram-able" award at this year's Paris Fashion Week with their spring 2019 collection. "An investigation into the expressive power of clothing," Viktor & Rolf marry their fervent affinity for large quantities of tulle sculpted into voluminous silhouettes with snarky captions like "Trust me, I'm a liar" and "Go Fuck Yourself." Combining all the playful relatability of a graphic tee with the visually stunning impact of haute couture, the collection had within minutes flooded Instagram with people tagging themselves as their favorite looks left and right.

It is a shrewd move coming from Viktor & Rolf, making clothes that double as memes, and from any other designer it would just come off as cynical. Viktor & Rolf's bright pastel color palette, surreal proportions, and tongue in cheek humor is ultimately what makes the collection coalesce into the confectionery delight we get to scroll through today.

Take a look through Viktor & Rolf's spring 2019 collection "Fashion Statements" below:

Make up: Peter Philips

Hair: Damien Boissinot

Casting: Adam Hindle Casting

Styling: Jos van Heel

Music: Mode-F

Production: Bureau Betak

Choreography: Nathalie Haerlemans

PR: Karla Otto

Sunglasses: Viktor & Rolf Vision

Photos Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf