Victoria Beckham Designed Pants That Store Your Crystals

Victoria Beckham Designed Pants That Store Your Crystals

It's 2018, basic human rights are tenuous and the political landscape is growing messier by the day, which means good energy is important. Dump that toxic man, rid yourself of any non-slutty outfits, and keep your crystals on you at all times. Actually, Victoria Beckham wants to help with that last one.

The California-based Spice Girl-turned-fashion-fave has designed new pieces for her pre-fall collection that prioritize harmonious vibes and inner peace. That apparently means wide-leg pants with secret pockets for crystals, as well as bottoms that have clipped the healing rocks onto belt clips.

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"I started by looking at my own crystal collection, and thinking about what might be important to my customer," Beckham told ELLE. "She's strong and successful, and I wanted to offer something that could provide support navigating her career and her personal life... As with all my collections, I want to make my customer feel confident and secure, and for me adding crystals felt like a nice way to help do that."

Beckham reportedly stores crystals in her own outfits (her first-ever stone was black obsidian, also carried by Solange at the Met Gala), and peppers her house with them. Her latest collection also includes crystal jewelry, that can be worn or carried for some extra power — must-have.

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