Is Vetements Changing Its Name?

Is Vetements Changing Its Name?

Vetements is up to something again, and this time it could involve an entirely different brand name. According to The Fashion Law, the label has been filing trademark applications the past year for a new name without the vowels — aka just VTMNTS.

Their report states that from April 2020 to February 2021, Vetements registered with intellectual property offices in the US, Italy, Singapore, Switzerland (where the company is based) and other places to use VTMNTS on everything from clothes to shoes, jewelry and accessories.

While it has yet to drop the vowels from its name on social media and its website, TFL says the potential name change (or creation of a separate sub-label) could be due to the brand's past difficulties in obtaining trademark registrations for "Vetements," which is the French word for "clothing."

"It has faced significant pushback from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO"), for instance, in response to applications to register VETEMENTS for use on clothing, in particular, but also for "online retail store services for" the sale of clothing on the basis that the brand name – the French word for clothing – merely describes the types of goods that it makes and sells, and the services that it offers," TFL wrote.

The report comes after Vetements recently debuted a new burger as well as a cryptic Instagram post hinting a more new things to come.

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