Vaquera's 'Everything Must Go' T-Shirts Are Inherently Political

Vaquera's 'Everything Must Go' T-Shirts Are Inherently Political

In these times, it's true that everything from systemic oppression to government-sanctioned violence must go.

Vaquera is a New York fashion brand created by Patric DiCaprio built on the promise of subverting expectations to keep its audience guessing. So needless to say, when the brand hosted a "shopping extravaganza mega sale and party" at Next Century, who could have expected that?

At the event, DJ Bebe and Mistervacation spun tunes while shoppers perused the brand's most iconic selections, at heavily discounted rates, including the "Tiffany Bag" dress and the "Abe Lincoln" T-shirt. Furthermore, Vaquera and all-in-one fashion design incubator CALA paired up to create a Vaquera x Next Century T-shirt. All proceeds from the tees went to donated to Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, and RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Educational and Legal services).

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The shirts are suitably both political and cheeky: with "Everything Must Go!" tags reminiscent of a local department store flash sale, which, considering where the profits are going, to organizations that act as built-in resistance movements to America's current all-consuming state of affairs, it's true: everything (systemic violence, bigotry, racism) must go.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Wyatt/CALA


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Photography by Andy Martinez / Story by Ivan Guzman