People Are Calling Ultra Music Festival 'Fyre Fest Lite'

People Are Calling Ultra Music Festival 'Fyre Fest Lite'

Ultra Music Festival, the annual outdoor electronic dance music festival held in Miami, Florida, isn't off to such a great start. On Friday night, attendees likened the event to the infamously catastrophic Fyre Festival because of transportation issues.

For whatever reason, the shuttle system was not working, and festivalgoers tweeted saying that they were trapped on the island. According to Twitter user @hooman_pudding, the staff were also ignoring questions. So instead of waiting on the shuttles that, according to Twitter user @djuarito, "didn't move," they decided to walk miles back to the mainland from Virginia Key.

The festival organizers have since issued an official statement, which states, "Last night, many of you experienced challenging transportation conditions leaving the festival. This is unacceptable and inconsistent with the high standards you have come to expect from us. For this, we are sorry."

Now the organizers are claiming that they "have already been working cooperatively with [their] city and county partners to promptly address and resolve these issues."

But aside from the Fyre-esque logistical problems, an actual firealso broke out during the festival. According to, attendees captured the footage of what looks to be trees burning "near the end of day one's festivities." And it looks like the flames, which were reportedly caused by fireworks, weren't too far from the main stage.

Thankfully, the fire didn't spread far. Still, all of this was enough to upset the audience, and spur widespread criticism.

Here's to hoping day two turns out better.

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