Tyra Banks Announces 'Life-Size 2' Co-Star

Tyra Banks Announces 'Life-Size 2' Co-Star

Finally, the TV movie we've been waiting for with bated breath is officially in production. Life-Size, the Disney classic starring Tyra Banks as Eve, a doll who magically comes to life, is getting an official sequel. Banks has been talking up a second movie since at least 2015, and while Life-Size 2 was officially confirmed in April, there's been no word on whether or not Lindsay Lohan would be reprising her role as Eve's human pal. And today we have an answer: she won't. Kind of tragic. But there will be a reprise of "Be A Star!"

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Instead of Lohan, Eve's real-life counterpart will be played by Grown-Ish's Francia Raisa. Raisa, who you may know from the time she donated a literal kidney to Selena Gomez, will play Grace Manning, the CEO of the company that manufactures Eve. According to Deadline, the film revolves around Manning's "hot mess" of a quarter-life crisis. Eve, originally brought to life when Lohan's character attempted to cast a spell to bring back her recently deceased mother, will somehow come back to help Manning get it together.

Life-Size 2 will also be holiday-themed, and will air during Freeform's "25 Days of Christmas." Shine bright. Shine far!

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