Travis Barker's Daughter Denies Using 'Black Girls as Props' in TikTok

Travis Barker's Daughter Denies Using 'Black Girls as Props' in TikTok

Travis Barker's 17-year-old daughter is responding to some serious criticism surrounding her recent TikTok post.

Last week, Alabama Barker came under fire for uploading a video of herself and group of friends lip-syncing along to YN Jay's 2020 song "Perc & Sex," which explicitly talks about using Percocets, a highly-addictive Class B drug that was originally developed as a pain killer. And while there were plenty of people who were troubled to see minors casually singing a song about opiates amid the fentanyl crisis, the vast majority seemed more displeased about Barker being the only white person in the TikTok, leading many to accuse her of "using Black girls as props."

Underneath Hollywood Unlocked's Instagram repost of her video, critics voiced their extreme discomfort with the TikTok, with one commenter writing, "There’s just a lot off with this. Sis, is using those black girls as props. Overall inappropriate and cringe."

Meanwhile, others wondered "why she gotta be with all Black females," let alone why "the Black queens [were all] in the back like that," while another critic claimed "all these white girls want to be Black and remember it was a time where they all listen to rock music."

They continued, "Shaking my head we allow this behavior to continue and don’t get credit for changing all cultures."

However, Alabama eventually ended up responding to the "mentally exhausting" backlash in the comments section of Hollywood Unlocked's post, saying that she was at a video shoot and that everyone was jumping to conclusions.

"Even though I do not need to explain all of the negative assumptions about us, it’s absurd to see a group of friends just having a good time gives so many grown adults a topic to talk about," Alabama said, before going on to say that the song was part of a viral TikTok trend. But because of her celebrity, she claimed she still couldn't "catch a break" from accounts like Hollywood Unlocked, which she called out for "making a post about a minor in general."

"All I can say, is do better, I let you live your life," she continued. "So it would be appreciated if I can live mine."

Watch Alabama's controversial TikTok, below.

Photo via Getty / Phillip Faraone