Top 10 Most Underrated Looks of 2017

Top 10 Most Underrated Looks of 2017

By Julia Gray

You've got to hand it to America, we made some pretty great art out of this year's chaos. 2017 reinvigorated the art of protest from president-slamming songs to feminist fashion statements. After a year of undeserving, garbage-tier men rising to power, it's worth shouting out the unsung heroes — or better yet — the underappreciated outfits.

John Early said what we were all thinking.

Nicki was probably the only person who could pull off wearing a dress made of money without looking tacky.

Rihanna served up corn husk couture.

Honorable mention: Rihanna's feet.

This image of SZA was almost too good to be true — the weed nugs, the venti (trenta?) Starbucks cup, and of course, the dramatic pink gown.

Migos recalled their fur coat-clad video for "T-Shirt" on Jimmy Fallon with pastel fluff and ski goggles.

Charli XCX visited her old London stomping grounds to perform at the popular nightclub, G-A-Y. Pink latex Charli and her band of doms is the best thing we've ever seen and everyone should make it their desktop background.

Erika Jayne is known for her wild, put-together looks, but this harajuku barbie hair took the cake this year.

Kelsey Lu spent the year in Princess Leia-esque wire buns.

Kris Jenner absolutely worked this yacht.

Hari Nef sparkled in Gucci and referenced Twin Peaks.

Someone get Slick Woods an orange race car in 2018.

Let's pour one out for 2017.