Anthony Ramos Designed a Personal Collection With Tommy Hilfiger for the Holidays

Anthony Ramos Designed a Personal Collection With Tommy Hilfiger for the Holidays

After a year that saw him attend his first Met Gala with Tommy Hilfiger, as well as starring in the brand's Spring and Fall campaigns, Anthony Ramos is taking their relationship to the next level by co-designing a new holiday capsule collection.

The collaboration, which launches later this month at, features Tommy Hilfiger staples like the polo shirt and varsity sweater reimagined with contrasting greens, yellows and reds, as well as a mix of TH Monogram prints. There are also vintage-inspired tracks jackets and joggers with contrasting stripe details.

"I wanted to incorporate some colors [and] 'mess it up' a little bit... tilting the monogram, finding different ways to put the monogram in certain spots where it wouldn’t have gone before," says Ramos, who celebrated the collaboration with his close friends and family this week at Negril BK, an authentic Caribbean restaurant in Brooklyn he frequents often.

Tommy Hilfiger x Anthony Ramos Campaign (Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger)

He adds: "Tommy is New York. Tommy is a big part of hip-hop culture, especially the '90s. I’m Puerto Rican, I grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn and hip hop was very much a part of my life. It was all of those things put together."

The Hamilton and In the Heights star follows past friends of the house like Zendaya and Gigi Hadid in co-designing a collection with Tommy Hilfiger. For Ramos, the experience taught him to take chances and have a good time doing it. "I’ve learned so much from those guys on the team," he says.

There's quite a bit of personal references in the collection, including a shirt favored by his mother in the '90s which inspired two modern iterations: a green cardigan and oversized green polo, both with color-blocking stripe details. "She wore this in a baby picture that had these solid color bold stripes across her shirt," he says. "We flipped it and put the stripes coming down the shirt and it’s like my homage to my mom in that photo."

The Tommy Hilfiger x Anthony Ramos Launch Party (Photography: Keith Champaco)

“Anthony’s a close friend of the brand and his talent knows no bounds,” said Hilfiger, who first met Ramos in London after the British Fashion Awards. “He has a very strong eye for detail and use of color that can be seen throughout this entire capsule collection. He added fresh pops of color, like yellow and green, into each piece, which created the perfect contrast when paired alongside our classic red and blue.”

The campaign captures Ramos being home for the holidays with the community that raised him and is set around a festive get-together at home with his close friends and family, including his mother, brother, and dog Prince — a concept they carried over to the Brooklyn launch dinner.

"My holiday celebrations are a lot like what’s happening here tonight," says Ramos. "All my closest friends are coming tonight to chill, my family, we’re coming to vibe. And this is my favorite spot in New York, Negril, BK, I basically live at this place. This is my Cheers bar."