Todrick Hall Responds to TikToker Calling Him 'Not a Nice Person'

Todrick Hall Responds to TikToker Calling Him 'Not a Nice Person'

Todrick Hall has something to say to a TikToker who dubbed him "not a nice person."

If you're a fan of Celebrity Big Brother, you'd know that the 37-year-old entertainer was stirred up some controversy as a contestant last season, polarizing audiences with a style of gameplay that many believed amounted to unnecessary personal attacks against his fellow celebs. And though he already addressed the criticism surrounding his stay at the house, Hall is now revisiting the subject several months later thanks to a viral TikTok by reality TV podcaster, Abigail Adams.

"I really wish that people who have never met me would stop talking shit about me on the Internet," Hall said in response to Adams' initial video, where she wished that other "Big Brother contestants would stop hanging out with Todrick after their seasons because he is not a nice person."

"Like, the audacity that you would feel comfortable enough to post a video about a perfect stranger publicly to anybody who can see it to declare that this person you have never met or breathed the same air as is not a nice person, which is a pretty ballsy statement I might add," the reality star continued, while accusing Adams of attempting to "increase your likes, your popularity and to start a witch hunt against this person who is a human being and has family and friends who see this fucking bullshit that you post would."

Hall then took aim at all the critics by adding that "reality TV is far from real and you can't judge a person's moral and ethic compass based on a social experiment where they are pushed to their limits," before saying he was tired of people generally thinking that "I don't pay my dancers, that I lied about my house, that I'm a bad person [and] that I'm an evil monster."

He added, "But at this point, I'm just not gonna let people like you paint my narrative."

In her original TikTok, Adams used several incidents from the show to illustrate her point, such as an argument where Hall brought up Chris Kirkpatrick's kids and a quip that many viewers believed was a dig at Shanna Moakler's home invasion. However, Hall said that his comment towards Moakler was actually about his ex and that he "would never make a joke" about a home intruder, especially as someone who's own house was broken into. He then went on to address a couple other IRL allegations brought up by Adams, including a talking point concerning his past admission about making half-hearted Cameos for fans, saying that "you let me know when you're famous and you're making 10,000 Cameo videos how original each one of yours are."

"At the end of the day, yes I've made mistakes, I've owned up to that, I'm not a perfect human. But I'm not gonna sit around and let people tear me down," he continued in his response. And though Hall wrote in the caption that he would like to "have a mature adult discussion" with Adams, he also alluded to "unleashing" his fans on her if she kept talking about him, saying that she would then "find out exactly how my fans feel about you bullying me."

In response, Adams insisted in two follow-up TikToks that she "was not bullying" Hall, just "simply calling you out for not being a nice person."

"That's not bullying, that's just criticism. I only reported what I found in media reports and shared my opinion," Adams continued before arguing that he was "bullying her" by coming for her "in front of his million followers." That said, she also expressed her similar desire to get in contact with Hall and actually "have an honest conversation" if he was willing.

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