Today in "Let Them Eat Cake", Prada is Selling a $185 Paper Clip

Today in "Let Them Eat Cake", Prada is Selling a $185 Paper Clip

Welcome to the twilight zone, in which fashion houses re-appropriate household objects as luxury items and sell them for a pretty penny. These are the best of times, and the absolute worst of times.

Prada is now pushing a $185 dollar paper clip (branded as a money clip), that you can bet will be popular among rappers and other millennials daddy's credit card and no self-control.

AV Club appears to have done some quick math and has calculated that at 6.25 centimeters long and 2.25 centimeters wide, this bad boy costs around at just over $13 per square centimeter. Of course, after purchasing you might find you no longer have any cash to put IN the clip, which is obviously worst-case-scenario. If that does indeed become the case, just print out some Wikipedia pages and use the Prada accessory as an actual paper clip! Dream.

As you might imagine the Internet had certainly some thoughts, many of which were chock-full with Microsoft Word references. Bless.

#areyoukiddingme indeed.

[h/t AV Club]
Image courtesy of Prada