TikTok's Newest Trend Ditches the Beauty Filter
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TikTok's Newest Trend Ditches the Beauty Filter

by Hedy Phillips

People all over TikTok are jumping on a new trend that encourages embracing your natural look.

Set to the tune of Twenty One Pilots' "Tear in My Heart," the trend sees TikTokers starting with either a beauty filter on or a full face of makeup. As the band sings, “But my taste in music is your face,” the video transitions to a natural look with no filter or makeup.

TikTok's most followed Charli D’Amelio was quick to add her own video, spreading it like wildfire to her millions of followers. Disney alum Ashley Tisdale also jumped on the bandwagon, as have a number of other people. Most of them have taken the opportunity to praise the trend, calling it healthy and one of the best trends the app has seen in a while.

The sound already has over 270,000 videos on TikTok, and the comments sections across the board on these clips are just a bunch of people championing the other, and telling them how fire they look au naturel. It’s refreshing to see so much support on social media.


i don’t think i’ve ever turned off enhance before this

♬ Tear in My Heart - twenty one pilots

While there’s nothing really wrong with a beauty filter — we all have those days where we want to cover up a breakout or heinous bags under our eyes — it’s always nice to take a break from it and just let your face be free. We agree with the TikTokers calling this a healthy trend on the app and we’re hoping it sticks around for a while.

@zuukuo sorry to those that thought i had baby soft skin #fyp #xyzbca #trend #face #expose #acne ♬ Tear in My Heart - twenty one pilots

Photos via TikTok