The 'Gucci Model Challenge' Is Taking Over TikTok
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The 'Gucci Model Challenge' Is Taking Over TikTok

by Riley Runnells

Modeling for any luxury brand, let alone Gucci, can seem an unattainable feat. However, TikTok stars are proving that Gucci's signature look under Creative Director Alessandro Michele is actually quite simple to recreate.

Deemed the #GucciModelChallenge, it shows TikTokers finding everyday pieces from their wardrobes and putting them together to create the perfect Gucci look. The sound is originally from @unofficiallachwatson, who tells creators the exact steps to putting together a runway-ready set.

First, creators are told to find a turtleneck, preferably with some color. Next, find a shirt that doesn't even remotely match to throw on over it, followed by a vest and a bright colored jacket. Then you throw on some vinyl pants and an optional miniskirt over top of that.

The finishing touches include a headscarf, which is a "staple" of the Gucci look, followed by some sunglasses (if you have Gucci, that's just icing on the cake), clear heels with some socks underneath and a touch of bright pink lipstick.

"And just like that, you're a model for Gucci," @unofficiallachwatson says in the sound.

See some of the best Gucci model transformations, below.


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