Is It a Bones Day?
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Is It a Bones Day?

In the tradition of season forecasting groundhogs and World Cup predicting octopuses, the internet has found itself a new furry oracle to faun over, and his name is Noodles.

TikTok's newest breakout celebrity is a 13-year-old pug that can apparently predict whether or not it's going to be a good day based on his bones. Noodle and his New York City owner, Jonathan Graziano, have been sharing their daily game of "no bones," which entails picking up the sleepy pug off his fluffy bed to see if he'll stand on his little legs or promptly flop back down.

The wisdom goes that if Noodles has bones, it will be a good day; if he has no bones, it's perhaps best to just call in sick to work and crawl back under the covers.

For instance, this past Monday was a bones day which, according to Graziano, means, "You've got to treat yourself today,! The Japanese fried chicken you were gonna order for lunch? Get the curry to dip it in. All those festive gourds? Buy 'em! That raise you deserve, but haven't asked for yet? You totally deserve it, ask for it!"

The logic is easy enough to follow and it's catching on. Graziano's TikTok has so far accumulated more than two million followers and even saw "bonesday" trending on Twitter.

Photo via TikTok/ @jongraz