The Lemon Twigs Are Broadening Their Imaginations

The Lemon Twigs Are Broadening Their Imaginations

By Erica CampbellFeb 07, 2024

New York City brothers The Lemon Twigs have big imaginations. On May 3, they’re releasing their fifth album A Dream Is All We Know a sonic manifestation of a fictional place they call “Mersey Beach,” which sonically exists somewhere between Liverpool and Laurel Canyon. Today, Michael and Brian D'Addario are giving PAPER a taste of the new album with the video premiere of their latest single “They Don’t Know How To Fall In Place.”

The song was “inspired by days when you wake up and feel like everything’s surreal, and you aren’t quite sure where you fit into the picture,” the band tells PAPER. The track takes listeners on a time-traveling expedition by way of sweetly harmonized melodies and wobbly organ keys.

“Musically, it was inspired by ‘60s pop like The Association or Sagittarius. We were listening to Tages a lot. We were interested in going the extra mile with the production and arrangement on this one.”

The visuals for the track were directed by “huge Monkees fan” Ambar Navarro. “I’m sure the TV show and the Head movie were inspirations,” the band says, adding that "all of her videos are very unique and definitely her own style.”

Their upcoming album A Dream Is All We Know is more “breezy” and “energetic” than their fourth studio album, last year’s Everything Harmony. “The last one had fun songs but in general showed more of a serious side,” the band says. “We also played pretty much everything on this whereas we had more outside players on the last one.”

The Lemon Twigs have already teased their upcoming LP with “My Golden Years” a spiraling, vibrating track that would sit pretty on The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. “I’ve seen it’s a lot of people’s favorite song of ours so far, which is great because it’s definitely one of our favorites,” the band says. “It’s nice when that lines up!”

Now, they’re excited to share the full record with the world and of course, to give fans a full experience of the tracks by playing A Dream Is All We Know live.“This one will be a fun one to do on stage, so we’re looking forward to it being out!”

Photography: Stephanie Pia