The 'Thank U, Next' Meme Is Destined For Greatness

The 'Thank U, Next' Meme Is Destined For Greatness

In addition to being dangerous, Ariana Grande is also a generous woman. She gave us Sweetener. She gave us Halloween costumes. She gave us national treasure, Piggy Smalls. She gave us permission to be broken and to heal. She gave us something to believe in in dark times. She has yet to give us our Sweetener hoodies, but we will look past that.

She gave us the celebrity romance of the summer — and break-up inspiration from ludicrous shopping sprees to her heroic breakup anthem "Thank U, Next."

Now, she's given us a meme to rival "Just wanted to take another look at you" to keep us warm for the rest of 2018's cold nights. Our little girl, the "Thank U, Next" love-patience-pain meme, has only been on the Internet for about 48 hours, but by now, we know when a star is born.

Please enjoy her baby pictures:

Photo via BFA