Tei Shi Opens Up About Industry Struggles on 'Bad Premonition'

Tei Shi Opens Up About Industry Struggles on 'Bad Premonition'

by Payton Dunn

At one point or another, every artist attempting to crawl their way through the music industry has to come to terms with the fact that there’s no path paved for them — a struggle that finds itself falling to the wayside for many artists, hiding it from their audience out of shame or fear for what they’d think.

Tei Shi (pronounced "Tay Shee") is tearing down that facade in the new lyric video for "Bad Premonition," premiering today on PAPER. The Los Angeles-based artist grew up between Bogotá, Colombia and Vancouver, Canada, just outside of the music industry’s grasp, making the industry also far from easy accessibility as a result.

Those feelings of confusion and frustration boiled themselves down into the essence of "Bad Premonition," which sees two different versions of herself staring off into the distance, only faintly illuminated by a sliver of light. Tei Shi stands in the corner, plainly stating, "And for once can I be in the right place in the right time" — a refrain that perfectly captures the lost artist.

Tei Shi opened up about the emotions behind "Bad Premonition," saying, "When I wrote the song, I was in the process of realizing and coming to terms with the fact that I’d hit the same dead end I’d hit many times before. It’s about this feeling of oncoming disaster, where you see where you’re headed and that it’s not good, but there’s nothing you can do about it — so you kind of resign yourself to a fate you know."

The versions of herself are split into two different realities, with Tei Shi adding, "There’s something kind of mystical about the song and I wanted to reflect that in the lyric video — this idea of me coming back to warn myself about what lies ahead, but not being able to stop or change anything."

Even though "Bad Premonition" is built around that feeling of hesitancy, we can't help but be certain of the promise around Tei Shi’s next chapter. Today's release follows "Grip" off a forthcoming project, both of which will be performed live at two concert dates: in New York at Baby's All Right on November 19 and in LA at Zebulon on December 1.

Stream "Bad Premonition" by Tei Shi, below.

Photo courtesy of Leeay