Since Taylor teased her latest visual with a nude, robot-y Taylor everyone has been thirsting for the visual. From the woman that said "she didn't need to take her clothes off to sell records," this seemed to be a real departure (or perhaps a reclamation after Kanye's "Famous" video where her wax replica appeared topless in the sheets). Regardless of the reason behind her change of heart, (palpably thicker?) Taylor has now stripped down for rappy-synth-pop-probably-Joe Alwyn-inspired love letter "..Ready For it?" and it's a whole vibe.

"..Ready For it?" sees two Taylors square off in a very Ghost in the Shell-esque scenario, although no doubt Tumblr will be overheating with various stan references embedded in the video. This is the superstar's second visual offering after "Look What You Made Me Do," likely the first of many. Get ready for it!

Watch below and prepare yourself for Taylor's Reputation, dropping November 12.

[youtube expand=1]

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