Taylor Swift Is Counting Down

Taylor Swift Is Counting Down

Taylor Swift has been teasing fans so hard on social media. The pop singer posted two new photos on her Instagram account on Saturday: one of a bejeweled pink heart, and another of glitter-manicured hands clutching onto a bright yellow blazer. The only caption given to the two photos was a date: "4.26." It looks like Avengers: Endgame isn't the only thing premiering that Friday.

Fans are expecting Swift not only to release new songs, but to usher in a new era in her music — a far cry from reputation, which was all about a comeback, snakes, and showing a somewhat darker side. Coincidentally (or not), both of these photos also seem to vibe well with her iHeart Radio Awards day-dreamy sequined outfit, and her magnificent butterfly heels.

Stans are excited, growing impatient, and are already screaming on the Internet as they anticipate whatever Swift's teasing. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions:

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