Taylor Swift Gave $3,000 to Fans in Need

Taylor Swift Gave $3,000 to Fans in Need

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected all of our lives, and some more than others are suffering the consequences of this global pandemic. Celebrities are trying to do their part during these difficult times, making donations to organizations fighting the virus, and volunteering to help fans in need.

Pop star Taylor Swift heard some of her fans' pleas for help, listened and decided to do something about it. She gave $3,000 to Swifties struggling to pay the bills because of being unable to work.

Holly Turner, a freelance music photographer and graphic designer, wrote a post on Tumblr, talking about her inability to keep up a life in New York City because of what the coronavirus has done to the music industry. Swift saved her with the generous donation and wrote to her saying, "Holly, you've always been there for me. I want to be there for you right now. I hope this helps. Love, Taylor."

Tay-Tay sent another $3,000 to a fan named Samantha who was struggling to make ends meet. Overwhelmed with emotion, she tweeted, "OHHHHH MY FUCKINGGGGFFF SHUT HP SHUT UPS BUT IP SHUT UP THIS CANT BE HAPPENING I CANT STOP SHAKONT I CANT STOP CRUING WHAT THE FUCK TULORLR"

Love to see it! If you want to do your part and help the fight against COVID-19 — aside from staying at home — read more here.

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