Tan France Will Style Pete Davidson for His Wedding to Ariana Grande

Tan France Will Style Pete Davidson for His Wedding to Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson shook up the summer with news of their lightning fast engagement, which was followed by a quick succession of style moments that have already been thoroughly parsed. Gravidson celebrated their impending nuptials by getting multiple matching tattoos, gifting family heirloom necklaces, taking several meme-able paparazzi shots and choosng an Eminem-level bleach blonde look for Pete. The only thing left to wonder is — what will the world's most impulsive couple wear to their sure-to-be-fabulous wedding?

While Ariana's bride style still remains a mystery — perhaps something like her gorgeous Met Gala look, or maybe she'll lean into her standard over-the-knee boots, high ponytail and a mini dress — we do have an interesting bit of insight into what Pete will wear and who will dress him. Page Sixreports that none other than Queer Eye fashion expert and bouffant-enthusiast Tan France will be styling Pete for the big day. The two are reportedly close friends (we stan, but when did that happen?) and France tells Page Sixthat the fashion moment will be huge.

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"I would like to see him wear his version of swag. Probably not a tux! I don't want to see him in a neutral, regular tux — he's way too cool for that," France said. Does this mean Tan will eschew the usual plaid-button-down-open-over-a-tee look that he's prescribed to so many clueless straight men on Queer Eye? Will Pete go beyond his typical suit-and-sneakers red carpet comfort zone and mix things up with say, a drop crotch trouser and a Yeezy tee? Will Pete wear the thigh high boots and high pony this time? Will cat ears be involved? With this couple, we truly never know what we're going to get. I wait with bated breath.

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