3 Iconic Ariana Grande Ponytail Looks Of Late

3 Iconic Ariana Grande Ponytail Looks Of Late

She's not sick of her ponytail and neither are we.

We're only going to give this two seconds of airtime: Ariana Grande's stylist Mimi Cuttrell posted a photo of her and fiance Pete Davidson looking mad cute. And a hater slid in the comments to say "I'm so sick of that ponytail." Grande, ever the class act, seemed unfazed, writing back, "I'm not." And neither are we! Below, the photo in question, and three other Sweetener-era times Ariana Grande's ponytail made us want to get a luscious, bone-straight weave installed at the top of our heads for purposes of whipping in strangers' faces and being generally fabulous and even a little extra.

Hi, Nicki!

Excuse us, queen.

Why cry when you could rejoice?

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