Walk with me for a moment. Let's walk back to a sunnier, brighter, simpler time. Barack Obama had just been elected president. Brangelina was going strong. David Bowie was alive and well. T-Pain and Lil Wayne constantly flooded the airwaves in all their auto tuned martian glory. You know what I'm talking about. Can you see it yet? I'm talking about 2009.

T-Pain himself has been reflecting on that glorious time too, apparently, and began teasing us all yesterday with the promise of bringing back that rose-colored yesteryear by dropping his long lost collaborative project with Lil Wayne, T-Wayne.

"I'm feelin reeeeeaaaaalll spontaneous right now," he said, hinting that he might unearth the "missing page in the history books." Jaded music writers couldn't believe it. Fans said it couldn't be true. It's 2017, and we've all been burned before. But today Pain made good on his promise and dropped the project for all to hear on Soundcloud, for free, "for the culture."

Listen below and be transported back to a more innocent time, one in which Pain and Wayne achieved GOAT status, together:

[h/t Complex]

Image via Instagram

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