Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Chaos reigns [nochillatall]

What can I say but lol? [mensrightsactivia]

TRIGGERED [tastefullyoffensive]

*punches hole in wall* "I hate liars!!" [coinfarts]

Welp [anon]

RIP to a real one [tastefullyoffensive]

I object [anon]

Cute [mensrightsactivia]

This commercial transcends language [risingtensions]

*airrrrhorrrrnrnn* [barbieprivilege]

I'll wait [devilbox]

Sure hope she finds what she's looking for out there [nochillatall]

I may be anxious but I'm bloated [dronevariations]

Sweet [coinfarts]

Melania, come collect your husband [nochillatall]

Like... right now please! [nochillatall]

Modern romance [barbieprivilege]

Have a great week everybody!