Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Any questions? [sorriestghost]

Get into this vibe right here [mensrightsactivia]

Sometimes you just gotta go where the nap takes you [goth_aunt]

I promise you PROMISE YOU... this video will ruin your day [mensrightsactivia]

Just chuggin' it [nochillatall]

Nice try Jay-Z [nudqe]

I'm the mangled keds [namasteathomedad]

This is a really good poem you guys [mensrightsactivia]

Honor her wishes! [meaganwilson]

That Great Dane seems truly shaken by this encounter [thagoodthings]

C'mon boy, you can talk to me about this stuff [mensrightsactivia]

Sweet [goth_aunt]

I'm proud of her [skeetshoot]

Buncha lettuce fiends [anon]

OK, this pup thinks he's pedaling a bike GET READY TO LOSE IT


Ugh we get it [goth_aunt]

A cold blooded murder [nochillatall]

I ain't ashamed [respectfulmemes]

Have a great week, everybody!