Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

*howling wind sounds intensify* [mensrightsactivia]

Internet, you're doing amazing sweetie [mensrightsactivia]

Shantay you stay [dara]

I bind you Donald [champagnemanagement]

The Old Friends comment section, man [1800Garbage]

Any questions? Didn't think so [mycringe]

If everybody would stop being so fucking horrible all the time, this is what our world could be [weirdwideweb]

It me bitch [nochillatall]

Love weed so much [sonny5ideup]

you gotta stop peeing in my closet, babe [gothaunt]

Gotta miss me with them all [mensrightsactivia]

Just keep scrolling [sorriestghost]

This was the ride of a lifetime. Christopher Nolan could never. [mensrightsactivia]

It happened once, it can happen again... [chescalee]

Got that, honey? [mensrightsactivia]

Dragging their name through the streets [sonny5ideup]

Ok, I have never seen a tweet with darker energy [mensrightsactivia]

Where my floaty loners at? [sonny5ideup]

Terrryyyyyyy [sorriestghost]

Girl, hold my purse [sonny5ideup]

This will never not be funny [sorriestghost]