Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

I screamed [Champagne Management]

February mood [Champagne Management]

Lance looks the most like his dad [mens_rights_activia]

I'm sorry WHAT?! [mens_rights_activia]

Please save us, woke babies [sonny5ideup]

These are their stories. [barbieprivilege]

I must have her for my collection. [mens_rights_activia]

If you asked me what I thought the Belgians were up to at this exact moment, "geese parade" would probably be my third or fourth guess. [nochillatall]

She rolled the dice on Steve. [nochillatall]

Kenny G continues to have the most iconic account on Twitter [snakelively]

One of my top three fears [sonny5ideup]

This is the ideal make body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. [contentzone]

HELP ME [humorempire]

Every! Single! Horse! [Champagne Management]

Can't argue with science. [nochillatall]

Pretty sure my gender is spa day Pomeranian [shilathepom]

Weirdly, I get it [sonny5ideup]

Whoa whoa whoa who's this cool customer over here? [fkatwigs]

Deadass the funniest knock-knock joke I've ever heard [1800Garbage]

If La La Land wins the Best Picture Oscar I'm done [sonny5ideup]

There's a small horse... in a high chair... eating carrots out of a bowl. Get my pills. [suetoshi_farm]