Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

They need to make a page-a-day calendar out of Cher's tweets. [pixietang]

My gender is Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer [SNL]

It means whatever you want it to mean. [weirdwideweb]

The Museum of the Internet must have a Rick Astley wing [sonny5ideuptv]

Important. [afternoonsnoozebutton]

Simply Garfield's Group Page [champagnemanagement]

Which raises the question... why is there a dog's eye level break in that fence? [mensrightsactivia]

What I wouldn't give to be terrorized by these puppies all day [zestyzephyr]

Smorzando. [nochillatall]

Nailed it. [afternoonsnoozebutton]

These dogs are too young and too high to get married. I object!

At least your ex isn't an alt-right furry [weirdwideweb]

Brutal. [afternoonsnoozebutton]

Can't decide whether I'm seeing a helpful little buddy or a raccoon drunkenly menacing me with a broom but either way, I'm down. [sonny5ideuptv]

Iguana in a recliner? I don't get it. [yung_nihilist]

As far as balancing doggos go, this is a good one [minapple]

This really got me. [nochillatall]

Gotta cop. [onapinkplanet]

Laughs attractively, turns on read receipts [sensualmemes]

Ring the alarm [nochillatall]

Now if only we could clear the four billion tons of white bullshit in the White House, amirite? [mensrightsactivia]

They're most definitely in cahoots [nochillatall]

100% Pure [nochillatall]