Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

More relevant today than ever before [kitduckworth]

Connor is the one [VersaceTamagotchi]

SIEMPRE [nochillatall]

*trails finger through water in an Un-Self Conscious Way™* [nochillatall]

Triggered [contentzone]

Just the facts [kacjzernandef]

You are not a part of me [youvegotnomale] me ousside howbow dah? [mytherapistsays]

*that gif of Adore Delano saying "Party"* [meangrandma420]

... [millionsofdeadposers]

It's ok, I'll just keep following [openlygayanimals]

This video is my safe space [hilarious.ted]

Brutal. [aranjevi]

Low key, I pick Bradley [champagnemanagement]

TheTrue Blood DVD special features are lit [fkatwigs]

*10 minutes at Sephora later* [fkatwigs]

Just fell into a corgi thirst trap [aranjevi]

This is how cats are born, just FYI [nochillatall]

"I just think it's so cool that you're just like this giant foot guy... you know? So what are you doing later?" [champagnemanagement]

Have a seizure with it [missjaydv]

M-----bators [nochillatall]

Best inauguration meme [sonny5ideup]