Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Wafer's not sick [1800garbage]

La lucha es real [scariestbugever]

Wow, can you even imagine? [rentsduethursday]

Challenge yourself to explain the Arthur fist/Mr.Brightside meme structure to your favorite grandparent today [theoldness]

Never not Becky. [mensrightsactivia]

Everybody's a Twista in the Uber ride home[sonny5ideup]

You can tell she hates crime [onapinkplanet]

*smiles coyly* [classical_art_memes]

The future of news [everythingisterrible]

She lives every goddamn minute of her life with a Carmex tube in her hand and I can't get a text back? [youvegotnomale]

The perfect mannequins doesn't exis– [weirdwideweb]

Let Coldplay memes have the moment they deserve [fkatwigs]

Only real 90s kids know about this... [namasteathomedad]

Let her snack thoughhhh [nochillatall]

Savage. [versacetamagotchi]

Can you be more than one? [versacetamagotchi]

Mansplaining bingo [scariestbugever]

New year, new me. [sonny5ideup]