Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Me to the patriarchy in 2017 [nochillatall]

I gasped [weirdwideweb]

See me for the lizard man I truly am [yung_nihilist]

This dog tricks strangers into playing fetch with her and yes, I am crying [Adulthoodisokiguess]

A dealbreaker for sure [soap_shoes]

The sheer malice in those eyes [meangrandma420]

Just an El Hopaness Romtic [Adulthoodisokiguess]

I gasped again. [sonny5ideup]

And she's not happy about it. [nochillatall]

wait no [yung_nihilist]

Jenny Holzer's new work is so challenging [extremelycursedimages]

*X Files theme intensifies* [nochillatall]

By far the most cursed image of 2016 [yung_nihilist]

*sings* "I'm so glaaaad to beee a dead body." [everythingisterrible]

wow queen, ur so beautiful [fkatwigs]

The magic of this [nudge]

Happy new year everybody! [fkatwigs]

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