We're Not Ready for the 'Stranger Things' Finale

We're Not Ready for the 'Stranger Things' Finale

by Justine Fisher

Netflix just dropped the trailer for the upcoming two-part finale of Stranger Things season 4. Bracing for an action-packed and potentially tragic ending to the season, fans are counting down the days until the release of the last two episodes on July 1.

The two-minute and five-second trailer features bloodied walls and fiery explosions, teasing a conclusion to the struggle between the Hawkins gang and the villainous creature Vecna. Alluding to heartbreak and fatalities, the glimpse into the finale continues the trend of a notably darker season. To meet the suspense of the trailer, the combined length of the two episodes is almost four hours.

With just 10 days left of anticipation, fans fear for the lives of their favorite characters.

The finale will close a record-breaking season that became Netflix’s biggest series premiere. After its release on May 27, 2022, season four volume one was watched for over 286 million hours in its first weekend (not to put too much pressure on volume two).

The upcoming episodes will set the stage for the next season, as Stranger Things, which first premiered in 2016, comes to an end after a fifth season.

Regardless of how the episodes turn out, the trailer is definitely an Eleven out of 10.

Photo courtesy of Netflix