Stormy Daniels Roasts Roseanne Barr on Twitter

Stormy Daniels Roasts Roseanne Barr on Twitter

It all started when porn star Stormy Daniels tweeted about her tits. A number of users then proceeded to call out Daniels for being "trashy" and for having no class. This prompted a reply from Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Arquette, who tweeted, "Following this logic -If she doesn't represent "classy women" I guess that means the President represents classless men? Hmm. Interesting. .."

Trump-loving actress, and one of the leading apologists for this administration, Roseanne Barr couldn't resist replying "she's known for anal porn scenes," suggesting that this, therefore, makes Daniels "unclassy." And to this, Arquette had another reply.

Daniels joins in with the best comeback, which puts Barr in her place, while simultaneously burning her for her 1990 rendition of the American national anthem at a Padres game.

Everyone on Twitter is living for this savage clapback—well, except for the Trump supporters, of course.

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