Spill Tab Has Some Solo Fun in 'Name'

Spill Tab Has Some Solo Fun in 'Name'

Spill Tab is out for some solo fun in her new music video for "Name." Rocking a cowboy hat and pajamas, she hits the town for a memorable day unbothered by the burden of having any partner. In "Name," the singer turns an argument into a serious reflection of what love is in the first place.

She follows up with this idea in the visual, out today, where Spill Tab jumps around joyously in multiple environments. First, she boxes against the air in a gas station parking lot, and then she follows that up by entering into a convenience store and dancing in its aisles.

What doesn't change between scenes is the excitement that comes with being alone. Her infectious energy makes you want to shed any lover, too.

Speaking about the song, Spill Tab detailed where its name comes from. "I was having a really weird day with my significant other on the day I made 'Name,'" she says. "I was feeling confused and insecure around this person that I liked and that made me want to blame all our problems on him."

She continued, "The idea of giving back a first name is a reference to all the little endearing nicknames you give to someone you're dating in exchange for their real name, and when the relationship ends you basically have to trade those back in for their first name. So being the one to give back his first name basically means being the one to call it quits."

"Name" appears on Spill Tab's latest EP, Oatmilk, with four total tracks. "I decided to name it Oatmilk cause I am so goddamn lactose intolerant, so my lifeblood during quarantine has been Oatly and Chobani oat milk," she said. "I live on that shit, I've probably been going through like three gallons a week."

Check out the premiere of Spill Tab's "Name" video and stream Oatmilk, below.

Photo courtesy of Spill Tab