People Are Building a Museum on the Moon Because "Art"

People Are Building a Museum on the Moon Because "Art"

Sick of gravity? Over Earth? Bored with "conventional" art in galleries where you can conveniently breathe oxygen without a mask when all you really want is the risk of death when consuming culture? Well, do I have some truly ideal news for you! People are now trying to build an art gallery on the moon to meet all your space art viewing needs! That's right, an art gallery!

The museum has already been established as 'The Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon', or MoCAM. It represents, according to artists Julio Orto and Joey Cannizzaro, an "anti-capitalist future" necessary for authenticity in art to survive and thrive.

Because Orto and Cannizzaro believe colonization of the moon is "inevitable", they've already bought a 20 acre plot of land on everyone's favorite satellite. Cannizzaro explains the art gallery would be both an answer to the current political landscape and to oppose "governments and private entities are (who) working on tourism and colonization of the moon".

Cannizzaro writes in an essay that, "at the dawn of Trump's aggregate neoliberal-fascism... it's impossible for the creative community to dodge accountability for this lack of imaginative futures".

Why move to New Zealand to escape Trump's America when you can (likely very soon) move to the moon and look at art to your heart's content?

[h/t Dazed]
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