Solange's Saint Heron Gives the 2020 Graduating Class a Reason to Celebrate

Solange's Saint Heron Gives the 2020 Graduating Class a Reason to Celebrate

by Riley Runnells

Though this year's graduating class suffers from a lack of pomp and circumstance, the students of New School's Parsons School of Design have a new cause for celebration via a virtual fashion festival with none other than Solange Knowles.

Parsons has announced a partnership with Knowles and her creative agency and design studio, Saint Heron, to present Here and Now, an immersive online experience to commemorate the capstone and thesis works of the 2020 graduating class. The program, which starts early July, continues the singer's relationship with Parsons (Knowles was honored at the school's annual gala in 2018).

Jason Kass, interim dean of fashion at Parsons, said in a statement that the goal of the fashion festival is to not only honor the students, but to also engage the creative community and the fashion industry as a whole. When deciding who to collaborate with, he said Solange and Saint Heron "instantly came to mind."

Though not a lot of details about the festival have been released, Jacobly Satterwhite, an artist and onetime Saint Heron collaborator, will work with more than 300 graduating students to create "Meronymy," a 3D installation hosting the students' final projects.

Here and Now will take place over the course of a few months and will include online lectures, special performances, film screenings, design workshops and mentorship sessions.

Parsons is also hosting several other series of events and exhibitions throughout art, design, architecture, film technology and more in light of the pandemic to honor its students' achievements. For more information about the school's upcoming festivals, visit its website.

Photo via Getty/ Rune Hellestad/ Corbis