Solange Is Out Here Living Her Best Damn Life

Solange Is Out Here Living Her Best Damn Life

As she should be!

Solange is clearly riding high following the release of this month's much-celebrated When I Get Home album. The multi-talented Knowles is either now on vacation or just having some well-deserved down time to celebrate the joy of living, seeing as how she took a rare several moments to post receipts to her Instagram Stories from @SaintRecords.

In one of the 15-second clips Solange is twerking in the passenger's seat of a Jeep with Kelela in the backseat smacking her ass, which is already too much Black Excellence™ in one Story. (To Ariana Grande's "Get Well Soon" and "Sweetener," no less). Did you witness Solange's palpable joy in her self-filmed "Binz" video from When I Get Home, during which she had dance parties of one? These clips are very That Spirit. Her smile is beamin, her skin is gleamin, as another iconic Ariana track goes.

Because too much Solange is never enough, she has posted a string of videos of herself thriving, including dancing to sister Beyoncé's "Kitty Kat" whilst throwing champagne in a wine glass on a boat no less, wearing leopard cowboy hats, and trying on jumpsuits, all in the name "taking up spaceee." Yes, 3 "e's" and yes, by all means, Solange, take up all the space you need. You need absolutely no one's permission.

Live vicariously through Solange's freedom, below.

Photo via Twitter