Livestream This: A Midday Dance Party With Sofi Tukker

Livestream This: A Midday Dance Party With Sofi Tukker

Thanks to Ms. Rona, we're all trapped at home with nothing to do. Even Netflix is getting boring! But never fear. While they're technically out of work, our favorite entertainers are still out here bravely making virtual content in a scary new world. Going to the club or the theater is out of the question right now (self isolate! Ariana Grande says so) but here's PAPER's ongoing guide to the latest livestreams — featuring comedians, actors, musicians and more

Who? Sofi Tukker AKA Tucker Halpern and Sophie Hawley-Weld are doing daily livestream DJs sets-slash-workout sessions from their Instagram and Facebook. The dance-pop duo, known for their upbeat, Apple commercial-worthy dance-pop such as 2017's "Best Friend," have been a festival staple for years.

When? Tune in for a midday pick-me-up, or a soundtrack to your workout at 1 PM ET every day from Sofi Tukker's Instagram and Facebook.

Why watch? Dance it out on your lunch break! Try doing your yoga video to EDM! Use the set as an excuse to build routine (and joy) into your socially isolated, time-fluid days. A craving for ritual is how Halpern and Hawley-Weld came to the idea in the first place.

"Tuck was DJing while I was working out one day and our friend walked into the room and started live streaming it," Hawley-Weld tells PAPER. "It felt really right and really relieving to be 'together' again so we decided to make it a ritual. Now that we are on a tighter and tighter lockdown, the ritual is becoming more and more important to us. There's always reason to celebrate and a dance party, though it may be a small contribution, always does good for the spirit and the body!"

For now, Sofi Tukker isn't suggesting any donations: they're just doing it for the love of the 'stream.

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