Hear SOFI TUKKER's Urgent New Single

Hear SOFI TUKKER's Urgent New Single

by Fred Sahai

Fresh off their latest single, "House Arrest," hitting No. 1 on the US Dance Radio charts, SOFI TUKKER is keeping the hits coming with "Emergency." Teaming up with DJ/producers Novak and YAX.X, the house duo delivers yet another dancefloor classic — or at least a 2020 bedroom party classic.

The track, which has already become a staple of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern's daily livestream sets as SOFI TUKKER, gets its official release along with a video game-inspired, animated video directed by Jared Asher Harris. As for the straightforward lyrics, they were taken quite literally from a real-life situation involving Hawley-Weld breaking her foot during a live set in Australia.

Funnily enough, "Emergency" and "House Arrest" were written during an entirely different kind of quarantine than the one we're used to now. Both songs came about when the duo had to cancel their tour and stay home because of Hawley-Weld's injury. "We had to fly back from Australia in the middle of the tour because [Hawley-Weld's] foot was broken and we were bummed out and it was the only thing we were thinking and talking about," Halpern says. "So we just were like, let's make a song about what just happened. Literally the words are, 'She broke her leg, call the ambulance. Emergency.'"

Now, once again feeling the void left by live music, they've turned to livestreams like many other musicians. But SOFI TUKKER's daily sets have become more than just a creative outlet for the homebound musicians. They've managed to create a community, which they affectionately refer to as "The Freak Fam."

The transition from playing to crowds to playing in front of a screen did take some getting used to. "At first it was weird, because we're total energy performers" Halpern says. "We usually get hyped from the crowd and then we get more hyped when they get hyped and it becomes this crazy hyped cycle." The weirdness subsided once they realized how this different way of connecting had its own advantages. Whereas live performances meant a new crowd every night, livestreams have allowed for returning fans. "I think we just developed a relationship with everybody," Hawley-Weld adds. "So we actually know a lot of people by username."

SOFI TUKKER will be celebrating their 200th livestream on Saturday, September 26th. They will be throwing a "Freak Fam Prom," where attendees will be encouraged to dress up for the occasion. They'll also be releasing a limited edition purple vinyl of their Dancing on the People EP that same day for Record Store Day.

But in the meantime, while you wait for prom night, you can catch SOFI TUKKER daily at 1 PM EST on Instagram Live and check out "Emergency," below.

Photo courtesy of Squid