Getting Ready With Snoh Aalegra for the Grammys

Getting Ready With Snoh Aalegra for the Grammys

Swedish-Iranian singer Snoh Aalegra attended her first Grammy Awards in Las Vegas over the weekend where she was nominated twice, including Best R&B Album for Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies which came out last summer.The LA-based performer, who's currently in the middle of her North American tour, took PAPER behind the scenes of her getting ready for the big day.

I wanted a timeless look that embodies my stage persona. Versace was the perfect match for this as they are masters of the female body and know exactly how to sculpt a dress around it. We gave them some ideas of what we were envisioning and they really took it to the next level.

The dress took 800 hours to complete, it was constructed around an internal corset from silver metal mesh and features removable padded shoulders and cutaway sections at the legs and arms with fraying mesh, chain and crystal finishes.

Photography: Leo Volcy