Smell F*cking Fabulous Like Tom Ford

Smell F*cking Fabulous Like Tom Ford

Tom Ford has made our jaws drop again. After a stunning runway show to launch Fashion Week last night, now we're hit with a fragrance true to its name.

Today, the brand launches its newest fragrance FUCKING FABULOUS. Beyond the gag-worthy name, the fragrance smells like you dream all your Tinder matches actually smell like, but never do.

The brand categorizes this fragrance as an "Oriental Leather," and is available in an Eau De Parfum - 50ml bottle for $310 and 250ml bottle for $804 - as well as a Atomizer for $495.

We are dousing ourselves in the fragrance, standing in crowded locations, just begging people to ask us what we are wearing. Oh this you ask? It's Fucking Fabulous.