Sizzy Rocket Is Definitely That Bitch

Sizzy Rocket Is Definitely That Bitch

by Savannah Hardman

How do you begin to rebuild confidence at your lowest low? Pop-punk singer Sizzy Rocket might not have all the answers, but her latest track "That Bitch" could help do the trick. Drawing from her own painful past, Rocket's powerful post-breakup anthem teaches you how to fearlessly love yourself — the good, the bad and the extremely emotional.

"'THAT BITCH' is about owning yourself — even the crazy, messy, wild, emotional parts that might be 'too much' for people, even when you feel insane and down and alone," she explains. "It's about being unapologetic in the process of figuring out who you are and pummeling through anyone and anything that gets in your way."

The Dorian Tocker-directed music video, premiering today on PAPER, sees Rocket in what can only be interpreted as her final form: strutting in head-to-toe black leather, enjoying decadent treats in bed and chugging booze — fully dressed— in the tub. Watch, below, as Rocket chronicles how to be that bitch in five simple steps, over her lyrics to live by: "No fucks, like where?"

Stream "That Bitch" by Sizzy Rocket below, and follow the musician on Instagramand Twitter.

Photo via Instagram