Sizzy Rocket's 'Rebel Revolution' Is About Being 'Gay as Fuck'

Sizzy Rocket's 'Rebel Revolution' Is About Being 'Gay as Fuck'

Sizzy Rocket is back with a self-declared “hot, gay summer anthem,” just in time for Pride next month. For “Rebel Revolution,” out everywhere now, the brazen pop artist reconnects with longtime collaborator Benny Reiner and brings into the fold Fernando Garibay, the super-producer behind Lady Gaga’s career-defining album,Born This Way.

To put it bluntly, as Rocket always does, the first single off her fourth studio album “is about being gay as fuck” as an act of liberation after being told early in her career to hide her sexuality. “It’s about taking my power back,” she says, and “the idea that true rebellion comes from within. A rebel is simply someone who dares to show themselves to the world.”

In order to write this track, Rocket had to look within to rediscover her confidence. “I used to be so anxious and scared,” she says. “I’ve gone through so much in my career: being stuck in contracts and bullied by producers and downright abused by these labels and publishers. I used to get so overwhelmed and try to run from it — from that pain.”

Raspy and raggedy, Rocket delivers the lyrics of “Rebel Revolution” like she’s declaring war and rallying her troops. “I’m sick of faking it, baby/ I’m not going back,” she wails, before repeating on the pre-chorus, “I’ma free, free myself/ I’m gonna be, be myself.” Then, the hook: “Rebel rebel, it’s a rebel revolution.”

As for Garibay’s involvement, Rocket says “it was a dream of mine to get him on the track. Born This Way was such a defining record in my life. I was nervous to ask, but he actually said ‘yes’ and we banged out the production in two intense days. He has a way of tapping into an artist’s true essence — the process transformed me and brought my inner pop diva to life.”

Despite Rocket not being "rich or famous" or having "millions of followers," the space for self-expression is what allows her to keeping pushing through all industry adversity. "And in doing the work and building myself up back from zero, I found the resilience to keep going — my inner bad bitch. That's the true slay: it comes from within."

Watch the "Rebel Revolution" visualizer and stream Sizzy Rocket's new single, below. She'll perform at Tiger Heat in Hollywood on Thursday, June 9, with additional North American show dates to be announced soon.

Photography: Angelo Kritikos
Hair: Steven Ford
Makeup: Dalton
Jewelry: Jack Eller