Sita Is Ready to Transform

Sita Is Ready to Transform

By Erica CampbellNov 08, 2023

Sita Abellán may already answer to designer, stylist and DJ, but now she’s adding producer to that list. Early next year, she’ll be unleashing her techno-laced debut EP into the world, and today she’s sharing the first taste of that collection, a beat-heavy, spiraling dance track brimming with distorted vocals called “333”.

The lead single from the artist's upcoming release Generacion XDISIS sets the pace for what will likely be a thrill ride of tracks focusing on Sita’s transformation from club kid to DJ to producer. The accompanying visuals, directed by Tomas Peña (Rosalìa, Arca), and featuring looks styled by Sita herself, translate the song’s themes of fame, failure and success into a stirring story that takes its influence from the producer’s own musical journey.

Below, PAPER caught up with Sita to find out how the “333” visuals came to life and her powerful beliefs around chasing and reaching her dreams.

How did you go about translating “333” into a music video? What were you hoping to convey from the track?

This song is about wanting something and not being able to achieve it. The frustration of what could be and what is not. At some point in our lives, I believe many of us have felt this way or at least [I have]. This song is about that feeling. What I wanted to convey with it is that we are all able to achieve what we always wanted or want and that you could be the best version of yourself by fighting "your demons" and by destroying those four walls, as I do at the end of the video.

Everything has its price, and it's all about the effort, work, and sacrifice you put into something to achieve your goals. The video relates five characters, five Sitas, that have been (and some of them actually are) part of my life somehow. Good or bad periods in which I have fought for what I believe and what I want in my life. In a kind of sarcastic way, I laugh about myself for the moments I doubted what I was able to achieve. In the end, we all are able to live our dreams in this life.

What do you hope viewers walk away with once they've seen the video?

That I do not have limits with my art, and I am feeling more creative than ever. When you watch the video, you will probably think that now I am trying to be a "pop star," but it is nothing like that. I am just having fun experimenting with my creativity and my other skills that are not directly connected with music. It's an expression of myself in 180 degrees of what I can do — and not 360 cause I was not directing the video.

I don't hope for anything from the viewers, only to have fun watching and dancing to it and to get inspired to be the best version of yourself. If you already are that best version, just celebrate it by destroying your house's wall. Just kidding.

Why did you decide to release "333" as a single? Why does it represent your current direction?

I am a very spiritual person. and I really believe in numerology, and I don't believe in coincidences. When I finished the song, I surprisingly realized it lasted three minutes and 33 seconds. The number 333 in numerology means different things. In the Bible, it represents the Divine trilogy: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Others say it means the mind, heart, and spirit. Somehow, it is like an angel's message that says that you are on the right path in life. It was funny to finish the song and compare both sides of what I speak about in the song and what it really means for me. At that point of connection, I realized what both sides meant to me, that despite the desperation or frustration, you might believe in the process and what you are achieving.

What can you tell us about your forthcoming EP Generacion XDISIS and how the single fits into the overall theme?

I named the EP Generacion XDISIS because, for me, it is a moment of mutation and evolution in different aspects of my personal life and career, especially for the first one. I used the term XDISIS to refer to ecdisis (ecdysis in English), which is the process of shedding old skin in reptiles (you know, I love snakes). So, for me, it represents the newest and best version of myself. While working on this EP, which has been almost two years, I have become the mother of two kids, and I believe this fully loving moment has really changed the game for me. I really found the meaning of true love and the reason why I do what I do. Now, all I can give is the best version of myself. It was the time for me to start experimenting with music not only by playing it but by producing it—putting my love and soul into it. I've gone from DJ to producer and from being a club kid (which I think I kind of always will be) to being a mother of two beautiful kids.

Generacion XDISIS just speaks about me, my life and experiences, and just the sound I love.

Photography: Tomas Peña
Director: Tomas Peña
Producer: SITA