A Study of Contrasts at Simone Rocha

A Study of Contrasts at Simone Rocha

For her fall 2019 collection, the designer Simone Rocha focused on intimacy, privacy, security and femininity. Full of classic Simone Rocha signatures such as girlish fabrics and dainty silhouettes, she also took inspiration from artist Louise Bourgeois (Rocha is a family friend of the foundation and has long been inspired by her work). Here's everything else you need to know about the show.

Underwear as Outerwear

If there was one defining silhouette of the show, it would have to be the sculpted (sometimes sequined or rendered in patent leather) bustiers worn over dresses and coats — as well as under gossamer thin transparent layers. Rocha took the concepts of intimacy, privacy and femininity and transposed them into these garments.

Twinkling Tiaras

A good number of the models in this collection wore sparkling crystal tiaras. In unconventional shapes and colors (black, triangular, pearl, round and organic) these accessories added a hint of punk.

The Return of Sequins

Rocha presented sequins, but in a more sophisticated way than we've previously seen this season. Dresses were covered in a smattering of gold distressed sequins as well as nearly laid out geometric shapes — creating a textural surface all their own.

Babydoll Silhouettes

A few babydoll dresses in pastel colors went down the runway. Paired with translucent knee socks, platforms and tiaras these pieces have off a distinctly '90s girly grunge vibe.

Model Moments

Diversity in age was key for Simone Rocha's fall 2019 show, as well as selecting an all-star lineup. Chloe Sevigny walked in the show and Lindsey Wixson closed the show.

Photos via Imaxtree