The Saint Laurent Model of Our Dreams

The Saint Laurent Model of Our Dreams

We first noticed Sid Oudainia Beaulieu in Saint Laurent's Spring '18 show under the Eiffel Tower, where we loved his look and had to get to know him better. Photographer Mathieu Rainaud spent the day with the rising model, and you'll love the results:

How were you discovered?

I was discovered by a crew of instagram influencers who wanted to work with me on shoots. My first official photoshoot was in April 2017, and since that I never stopped working with fashion brands.

Did you have any favorite models growing up? Did you follow fashion?

I didn't follow any model growing up, but I always followed fashion brands and trends — I always liked to wear beautiful, trendy outfits.

What was your first big job?

It was a Carhartt Campaign shot in April 2017 with Viktor Vauthier. Yassine Taha and Nicolas Bianciotto were working on the casting. It was a great first [job], as everyone was experienced.

What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?

My Burberry Jacket.

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Photography: Mathieu Rainaud
Styling: Alexandra Conti
Stylist Assistant: Barbara Boucard
Hair: Pierre Saint Sever (The Artboard)
Make-up: Isis Moenne Loccoz
Model: Sid (Airplaine Model)
Casting: Nicolas Bianciotto (The Artboard)
Editorial design: Bureau O'Clock