She Loves Boon, and You Will Too

She Loves Boon, and You Will Too

"Poison Over Ice," a smooth electronic offering from She Loves Boon, was one of 2021's most exciting singles to drop — but it's likely you haven't heard it just yet. With androgynous, modified vocals and an undeniable pop hook ("Hate to say it, but I think this is the wrong one"), the indie New York artist delivers with major label confidence, despite having only a few thousand followers to date.

Like his moniker manifests though, the love will surely come, and his new single, "Party By Myself," continues She Loves Boon's track record of underground hits. He refers to his sound as "emotional trap," which will also be the title of his forthcoming debut album, and collaborates with producer loe4t to make dance bangers packed with honest, relatable feelings.

Where "Poison Over Ice" focused on a dysfunctional relationship ("Is it really love when we fight?"), the latest from She Loves Boon grapples with overcoming isolation ("I'm at the party by myself, I don't need nobody else"). The track was made alongside hyperpop star funeral and arrives today with an Adam Ginsberg-directed video, featuring "manic misfits" running wild around NYC.

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Party By Myself," below, and learn more about the 25-year-old breakout before his numbers inevitably skyrocket in 2022.

What’s the story behind your artist name, She Loves Boon?

She Loves Boon is my artist name, but I really want it to represent a feeling. I think you can see it in my content — all my songs are about relationships, emotions or self reflection. I think people look at my music at a first glance and think it's all based around love, but when you look deeper it's not just the same old tired trope. Love involves a spectrum of emotions and that's what my artist name means to me. It's not just a name, but it's raw emotion and everything that comes with it.

You’re from NYC. How does living in the city inspire the music and work you do?

I was born and raised here. I think NYC ages people a lot faster than other cities. You see a lot more, you do a lot more, you live a lot more. Besides that, you run into different kinds of people, cultures, experiences. All of that alone gives me so many things to talk about — so many emotions to put into my music. NYC also builds a work ethic onto you. Everyone here is hustling for a spot and you can't be complacent or you'll get left behind. It's a lot of pressure, but aside from that it's something you can't replace or mimic anywhere else. Best city in the world, to be honest.

"It should be fun to feel emotions, it should be a release."

How'd you connect with loe4t (pronounced: "low effort")? What’s the collaboration process like between you both?

loe4t and I linked up early 2021. We were friends prior, but I think working together has really brought us a lot closer. We're both from the same neighborhood, we have a lot of the same friends. I'm not too sure why we never worked together earlier than last year, but I'm glad we finally did link up. Our earliest song that dropped was "Gigi / Sunlight" back in June of 2021 and ever since that it's been history. I feel like we both found something in the other where our styles just perfectly complemented the other's. A lot of these songs would not be possible without loe4t and he's just as integral to this hit-machine path we're on.

How do you define “emotional trap” and why does that genre best reflect you?

"Emotional trap" is all about impassioned lyrics matched with the craziest beats you've ever heard. That's where loe4t and I contribute our respective talents, and we go back and forth to help refine each other's, as well. Emotional trap is supposed to be those songs that you can scream and feel every lyric of, while also being accompanied by production that makes you want to dance all night. Going back to what my music is about, this is how I want to drive that content to my listener. It should be fun to feel emotions, it should be a release.

Is there a specific experience that inspired the lyrics of “Party By Myself”?

[Laughs] I wouldn't say it was one specific experience, but so many experiences that inspired the lyrics. I feel like we've all been in that place, right? Doesn't have to be a party per se, but being in a setting that's uncomfortable and being all in your head about it, feeling like you're in there alone.

This is a bit of an introvert’s anthem. Do you consider yourself a shy person?

I don't think I'm shy necessarily, sometimes I'm the loudest person in the room. The thing about social anxiety is that it's such a sliding scale dependent on the situation you're in. I think there are also so many different ways social anxiety can manifest in somebody's actions. This song can be an anthem for the most boisterous person in the room or the person isolating in the corner because, at someone point or another, we've all felt like we were at the party by ourselves.

"At someone point or another, we've all felt like we were at the party by ourselves."

How would you describe your approach to fashion and do you have any style icons yourself?

I definitely look up to a lot of icons in fashion. I'm not sure if I necessarily wear what they wear or style myself to emulate them, but some people's approach to fashion is inspiring and has led me to have the confidence I have in my own style. Just to name a few people that come to mind: Ralph Lauren, Young Thug, Tyler, the Creator, Kanye [West], Bimini Bon Boulash, Bad Bunny, Gigi Goode, Billie Eilish. And you know, I can't say exactly how each person has influenced me directly but the sheer inventiveness while also clearly having mainstream appeal is what I love about them.

How do you think this new release is reflective of what’s to come on your debut album?

I think "Party By Myself" is my best work yet — carefully crafted lyrics with vibrant production to accompany it. This track is the best representation of me so far — my story, my approach to music, my final product and what I want people to feel when they hear me. My debut album, Emotional Trap, will be more of the same and I can't fucking wait till it's out for everyone to hear.

Photography: Jacqui Valenti